2up Yoga TRX Fitness offers a wide variety of yoga and TRXclasses ranging from vigorous and athletic to gentle and restorative. 

Effective props, modifications, and alignment cues will be offered in each class to create a safe, sustainable practice.

Our yoga classes are taught in a Vinyasa style.  While many refer to Vinyasa as a specific type or sequence of yoga practice we use the term from the Sanskrit definition “to place in a special way.”  This describes our approach to practice and teaching and then can apply to the whole world of yoga whether it is a vigorous flow class or practiced from a chair.  A mindful, deliberate practice creates a moving mediation synchronized with breath and is the foundation of each class whether it is a restorative, moderate, or vigorous practice. 

TRX ™ (total body resistance exercise) is a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity to perform hundreds of exercises that build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.  Participants are in complete control of their workout intensity by simply adjusting their body position to increase or decrease resistance.  The TRXclasses benefit all levels of fitness. 


2up Yoga

Team taught class with 2up’s own Chris and Mari Coppinger.  Classic traditional yoga with a modern, contemporary edge, imagine yoga where Sonny and Cher meet Bonnie and Clyde!!

Best of Both Worlds – Yoga / Pilates Fusion

Loni provides a balanced class that includes classical yoga, pranayama and Pilates.  This class will emphasize the foundation of pranayama to access the healing properties of yoga, flexibility, and strength.

TRX Body Blast

Push, pull, squat, lunge, rotate and plank your way to better in this total body workout using the TRX Suspension Training System. From the warm up to the cool down, this workout will be taught 100% on the straps utilizing reps and tempo. Strength and endurance is what you’ll gain.  


“This ain’t no sippin’ tea! Are you interested or are you committed?” This combo plate is a full body, heart pumping, feet thumping, aerobic and strength conditioning interval-based class (repeated bouts of high intensity aerobic exercise intervals intermingled with intervals of active recovery using the TRX system). The class includes full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts. What to bring – shoes, a towel, water, and your smiling face!!!!  Please reserve space!  

TRX – All level

The TRX Suspension Training - All Level class is presented to promote a supportive, non-competitive environment to allow participants to work at their own pace, ask questions, and build confidence in their fitness capabilities.

From the Ground Up – All Level Yoga

This class is open to all levels and moves at a leisurely pace with individual attention, detailed instruction on alignment and building a strong foundation from the ground up.  The use of props is encouraged and guided to allow practitioners to enjoy steadiness and ease while promoting strength and stability.  This class is beginner friendly and favorable for new students.

Gentle / Restorative Yoga

This class is a hybrid of From the Ground Up and Warm Chill.  We will open with gentle yoga using the principals of From the Ground Up and will conclude with restorative yoga in the Warm Chill format. 

Gentle Kripalu
Nancy’s classes are based on the Kripalu Yoga teachings and tradition.  Her classes are suitable for all body types, ages, fitness levels, and interests.  In her words, “we will focus on movements to warm up and create spaciousness in the body, using breath and awareness to calm the mind and nervous system, and encourage a connection with the deeper self through inquiry into the inner landscape of yoga.”

The Warm Chill – Restorative Yoga
Wind down your day with this gentle, restorative class that will lead you toward a state of deep relaxation and stress reduction.  Scientific studies have shown that gentle, restorative yoga can calm and rebalance your energy to aid in the body’s natural process of repair, rejuvenation and quality sleep.


Don’t see a time slot on the schedule that works for you or your group.  Would you like to sponsor wellness classes for your employees?  Want to schedule a special event (birthday, wedding party or other special occasion)?  Are you new to yoga or TRX and would feel more comfortable beginning with a few one-on-one or small group sessions to address your specific questions while dialing in your alignment before taking group classes?  Contact us!

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