Literally translated from Sanskrit as Science Art, Shaastra Kalaa is a concept of living life with Art and Science as the foundation of everything you do.  Art is the beauty, creativity and spontaneity and Science is the method, technique and the how to.  There is a balance in life that can be achieved through the pursuit of sthira and sukham, steadiness and ease.  Through exploration of these extremes there is a physical and mental compromise between comfort and effort.


Shaastra Kalaa and 2up were founded from a dedication to the Art and Science of Yoga, Fitness, and Well-Being.  We offer an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary guidance in Yoga, Fitness and Living influenced by our teachers and mentors and their teachers and mentors.  We also draw from years of training, traveling and teaching martial arts, self defense and personal development.  We are outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Triathlon, Motorcycling and Surfing that further complement our teaching style.  Our classes reflect our diverse backgrounds and ongoing, continuing education.  We believe that as teachers we guide as opposed to instructing.  Shaastra Kalaa and 2up offer classes, workshops, retreats, tours, personal training, lectures, and special events on yoga, fitness, cycling, lifestyle, breathwork, and  restoration/relaxation.


Chris and Mari Coppinger are creating a community of health and well-being developed from adventures and experience accumulated over their lives and more than 20 years together.  The foundation is yoga and they are both California natives.  Chris grew up surfing and Mari grew up water skiing.  They bonded in martial arts training and teaching self defense and personal development.  Their love of nature and movement as a path to well-being brought them together and remains at the heart of their friendship and teaching to this day.

Mari Coppinger
Mari has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years using her earliest practice as a way to soothe the physical strains of a very active, athletic lifestyle.  Through her continued dedication to yoga she has realized that connecting your mind and body is the key to positive living and the path to that connection is yoga.  Her yoga journey revealed that the benefits of a regular yoga practice can include the aesthetic results of a supple, strong body but more importantly that a regular practice leads to the creation of a deep sense of vitality and well-being.  Mari’s yoga guidance is a blend of her diverse training, athletic adventures, and life experiences.  She emphasizes a sustainable practice of mindful breathing, proper alignment, and flow of movement, to create presence, awakening, balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation.  Mari holds RYT 200 hour certifications from the White Lotus Foundation training with Ganga White and Tracey Rich and the California Power Yoga Institute training with Anna McLawhorn.  She is currently working on an RYT 500 hour certification with Mark Stephens and has also completed Level One Training with Baron Baptiste.  Mari was born and raised in California and spent much of her youth water skiing, in team sports and riding horses.  Her more than 10 years of training in and teaching martial arts, street self-defense and personal development further contribute to her well-rounded approach to guiding yoga.  She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys cycling, mountain biking, trail running and long distance triathlon events.

Chris Coppinger – Bio
Chris builds his yoga philosophy and practice from the foundation and pursuit of a healthy body and mind.  He teaches with a focus on the development of strength, balance and flexibility using sound principles of alignment while encouraging mindful awareness of body and breath.  Chris was born and raised in the beach communites of Southern California and Los Angeles spending much of his youth surfing, in team sports and playing guitar.  He pursued his education and worked in New York and Chicago before settling in Northern California Sonoma County.   His deepened commitment to yoga grew from an active lifestyle and many years of training, teaching martial arts and personal safety and development.  He is also an athlete in road cycling, trail running, Ironman and enjoys surfing, mountain biking and dual sport motorcycling.  Chris completed his Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour certification at the White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracey Rich and is currently working on his RYT 500 hour with Mark Stephens.  He also draws influence from completed workshops, trainings and classes with Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Cheri Clampett, Leslie Kaminoff and a world of inspiring yoga teachers and students.