2up Yoga offers a wide variety of classes with formats ranging from vigorous and athletic to a more restorative style that promotes deep relaxation.  Effective props, modifications, and alignment cues will be offered in each class to create a safe, sustainable practice for all.

We encourage students to meet themselves and honor where they are right now in their practice whether they are brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner.  We often encounter people who have a strong desire to incorporate yoga into their lives but are afraid to try it because “I’m not flexible” or “I can’t touch my toes.”  We are not sure where these originated but we are here to say that the only thing you need to have intact to come to a yoga class with 2UP is the ability to breathe.

Our classes are taught in a Vinyasa style, a Sanskrit term meaning “to place in a special way.” We apply Vinyasa to all yoga whether it is a vigorous power class, practiced from a chair, or lying down.  What allows us to place our mind, body and spirit in a special way is flowing from one asana to the next while synchronizing our breath to create a moving meditation.  This deliberate mindful practice is the foundation of all of our classes.

Yoga Descriptions:


Vigorous classes are designed for students seeking to participate in creative, challenging classes that will require moderate strength, coordination, and flexibility. As with all of our classes, proper alignment cues, props, and modifications will be offered.  Transform your mind and body with these powerful, integrative classes.

Gentle / Moderate

This class is suitable for all levels and will emphasize meditation in motion. Gentle flowing sequence combined with long-held asana postures will cultivate and inspire muscle release, increased flexibility and relaxation.


Restorative yoga is described as the yoga of “receiving a more healthy state of being.”  Postures are fully supported with various comfortable yoga props allowing your muscles and your mind to relax and lose their grip.  Scientific studies have shown that gentle, restorative yoga can clam and rebalance your energy to aid in the body’s natural process of repair, rejuvenation and quality sleep.  Note:  There are no standing poses in this class.  Alternative format is 30mins Gentle Yoga/ 30mins Restorative.  

Thai Sessions

Thai Yoga / Massage is a technique that can help relieve the body of years of tension and stress by opening tight joints, lengthening muscles, and providing a deep sense of well being and relaxation.

Class Descriptions:

2up Yoga 
Team taught high-energy Flow class with Chris and Mari.  Classic traditional yoga with a modern, contemporary edge, imagine yoga where Sonny and Cher meet Bonnie and Clyde!!  

From the Ground Up – All Level Yoga

This class is open to all levels and moves at a leisurely pace with individual attention, detailed instruction on alignment and building a strong foundation from the ground up.  The use of props is encouraged and guided to allow practitioners to enjoy steadiness and ease while promoting strength and stability.  This class is beginner friendly and favorable for new students.

Yoga for Athletes

We understand the positive impact yoga can have on athletes with a rigorous activity regime.  Yoga for athletes is about how you go not how far you go.  The yoga sequences in this class can be tailored to your specific sport with a focus on developing strength, flexibility, and stabilization, “strength without rigidity and flexibility without instability.”  The benefits include enhanced athletic performance, aid in muscle recovery and injury prevention, reduced stress, relieved tension and strengthening of underused muscles.

The Warm Chill – Restorative Yoga 

Wind down your day with this gentle, calming, restorative class that will lead you toward a state of deep relaxation and stress reduction. Rebalance yourself and your energy to aid in your body’s natural process of repair, rejuvenation and quality sleep.

Gentle / Restorative Yoga

This class is a hybrid of From the Ground Up and Warm Chill.  We will open with gentle yoga using the principals of From the Ground Up and will conclude with restorative yoga in the Warm Chill form.

Thai Yoga Workshop

In this workshop, you and your partner will learn a sequence of stress-releasing stretches, assisted yoga poses, and rhythmic deep tissue massage. Thai Yoga is “having yoga done to you, all the benefits without the effort.” Combined with mindful breath and meditation, you will leave this unique experience feeling relaxed, energized and more balanced. Bring a friend, partner, spouse, or yoga buddy. In this class, you will take turns being guiding through giving and receiving a Thai Yoga sequence.  No experience is necessary.